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Embracing Reality: My Call Center Job Application Process

            After the interview, we were given a surprise oral examination to gauge how fast we think and how we are capable of resolving customer issues. They showed us a set of cards facing down. These are pictures with different scenarios. They asked each of us to pick a picture but we should wait for our turn before we take a look.  When it was my turn they told me to look at my chosen picture. For 30 seconds, I was asked to narrate a story behind the picture. So, I made up a short but detailed story about the picture. I passed. A lot of my co-applicants failed in this test because they just described what they saw and not what could be the story behind the scenarios in their pictures.



Part 2: Online, Written and Oral Exam

    I am on day 2 of my application process and I brought a copy of my resume for submission. The remaining exams were held at the call center office.

The online exams include:

  • Grammar test
  • Spelling test
  • Typing test
  • USA States postal abbreviations test
  • Computer hardware and network test.


     There’s a minimum words per minute requirement in the typing test. To proceed in the next exam type, all of the online examination parts must be passed. Next was the written exam.


      The written exam was composed of Reading Comprehension, Math, Logic and situational / practical tests. Papers must be submitted after the set amount of time – finished or not. Oral test was the last part of the exams which was done through Berlitz. Berlitz is a language assessment program, where our listening and speaking skills was assessed.

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