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Embracing Reality: My Call Center Job Application Process

Part 3: Final Interview

     No chance for mistake. The HR personnel asked his crucial final questions. I answered confidently and then it was decided – I passed.


     After hearing the final verdict, I signed the probationary contract. After that, there was a brief orientation about the program that I was assigned. I was also scheduled for a free medical examination. They also set the deadline for submission of SSS, Transcript of Records, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, BIR documents and the benefits application forms.  After all the challenging call center job application process, I got my training schedule and venue.


     Getting hired out of numerous applicants makes me feel proud. It wasn’t easy at all. It was a blessing for me because I could finally help my parents financially. After I received my first salary, it was worth all the sacrifices. After one and a half years working as a customer service representative, I got promoted. Some of my batchmates didn’t last for more than six months and some left just a year after.


     It may not be the path that I was trained for four years of college. But this is the reality and I just embraced it. I am an education graduate. Before I could finally work as a public school teacher, I need to earn at least three years of teaching experience in a private school. The teaching salary in private schools is not even at the minimum wage based on what I’ve heard. Will I be able to help my family if my salary would be just enough for me? Did I make the right choice? Well, I think you’ll know if you put yourself in my perspective.


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