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DFA Passport Application Online, Requirements and Reminders | 2016

          For your passport application, please be reminded that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) implements strict rules and guidelines.  Read our guide carefully for an error free and stress free passport application.   It is very important to finish your passport application early, months ahead if you can. Never buy your travel tickets ahead if you are just or still on your passport application stage.

In this guide, we will show you passport application online via DFA Official website at https://www.passport.gov.ph/


The DFA Passport Application Process

  • Step 1 : Set a Passport Appointment Online
  • Step 2 : Filling-out the passport application online form.
  • Step 3 : Personal Appearance or Attending your passport appointment.

DFA Sites: DFA Manila (Aseana)
                   Satellite Offices within Metro Manila

  • Ali Mall
  • SM Manila
  • SM Megamall
  • Alabang Town Center)


Passport Application Requirements for Online Processing

  1. Access to internet
  2. Email Address. Must be a Google Mail /Gmail or Yahoo Mail
  3. Adobe Reader
  4. Printer


Passport Appointment Requirements | Personal Appearance

  1. Confirmed Appointment Date and Time
  2. Printed Passport Application Form, 3 pages, with Reference Number and clear barcode.
  3. Complete Passport Application Requirements, NSO Birth Certificate, ID’s etc.

                          See here the Complete List of Passport Application Requirements

  1. Personal Appearance to any DFA Office
  2. Passport Application Cost.
  • For Regular Processing: P950.00
  • For Express Processing: P1,200.00
  • Optional Delivery  : P150
    • These costs are all the same for:
      • First time / Renewal of passport applicants
      • Replacement of a lost expired passport / a lost valid passport
  1. Waiting Time after personal appearance of passport application:
  • Regular Processing:  15 working days
  • Express Processing:  7 working days


The DFA Passport Application Process


STEP 1 : Set a Passport Appointment Online:

1.. In your computer web browser, go to DFA official website: https://www.passport.gov.ph/
Select Schedule an Appointment and carefully read the Important reminders and the Terms and Conditions.
If you have fully understood them, you can now click the box for ” I have read and understand…”
And then choose if you are: for Individual passport appointment or for Group passport appointment.
A notification message will prompt. Read it then press OK.
See sequence below.




2.. After you press OK, you will now be asked to choose your preferred DFA office for passport appointment.Select the Region, Country and Site. You may check the location of your selected site by viewing its location on googlemaps.
Press Next to choose your preferred passport appointment date and time.

Click on a Date in the calendar to check if there are available slots. Usually, the dates with available slots are weeks ahead and sometimes, months ahead. Select your preferred time.

TIP: If you are willing to travel to different DFA passport application appointment sites, you can press on the “Back” button and try with other locations if there are earlier  available dates.

If you are satisfied with your set schedule, press “Next”




Step 2 : Filling-out the passport application online form

1.. You will now be directed to the Personal Information page. Fill-out carefully and completely the passport application appointment form. Make sure it has no errors then press “Next”

  • Same with the Family Information page.Then press “Next”
  • As well as the Application Information page.Then press “Next”
  • Then lastly, the Contact Information page.Then press “Next”.






2.. Your passport appointment information review will be shown to you. Check for errors and if there is, press “Back” to correct them. If everything is correct, scroll down to the bottom of the page.


3.. For the system to verify that you are a “human being”, you need to undergo a verification process. Click on the box before the “I’m not a robot”.

  • A set of images will prompt and you have to answer the question by selecting 2 or more images as your answer. Sometimes it requires two sets of picture questions until you see the button ‘Verify”
  • After you finished your verification, read the paragraphs in red text. After that, click on the box that says “I am aware that possession…”
  • Then press CONFIRM afterwards. See sequence below.

passport application (5)

passport application (11)

passport application (12)

passport application (13)


4.. After Confirmation, you need to check your email for the confirmation link that DFA passport appointment system sent you. You can also view your appointment by pressing the link at the right.
See the sample confirmation email below. You must click on the link to confirm your passport appointment.

passport application (12)



5.. After you click the confirmation link, you will be directed back to the DFA passport online appointment website. Input your Appointment Code that is included in the email message and the email address you used and verify again that you are not a robot.

You can now view your Appointment Details.

passport application (16)



6.. You can now Download your DFA Passport Application form. Please be reminded that:

  • To be able to print the passport application form, you need to have an Adobe Reader installed.
  • Also, you must print the form in an A4 size bond paper.
  • You must print all 3 pages.
  • Don’t sign it yet.
  • You must sign your application form on site when asked by the DFA officer.

passport application (18)

passport application (18)

passport application (18)



  • If you are using public / rental computers outside, make sure to delete your cookies for your privacy and security. Other people can see the information you typed.
  • Unless the computer is shut down, your complete personal information will be reflected in the application form. To do this, follow these instructions.
  • On you keyboard, press Ctrl + H. This will show you your computer history. Select clear browsing data, Select:
    • The past day
    • Browsing history
    • Download History
    • Cookies
    • Cache

DFA Passport Application




  • You are now done with the passport application online.
  • You now have to prepare your complete passport application requirements before proceeding to your selected DFA site.


Did you know?

To be able to process your passport application faster, the Department of Foreign Affairs has a courtesy lane. Learn more from here: TIPS | Faster DFA Passport Application

Click here to  proceed to Step 3: Personal Appearance or Attending your passport appointment.



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