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DFA Passport Application Online, Requirements and Reminders | 2016

4.. After Confirmation, you need to check your email for the confirmation link that DFA passport appointment system sent you. You can also view your appointment by pressing the link at the right.
See the sample confirmation email below. You must click on the link to confirm your passport appointment.

passport application (12)



5.. After you click the confirmation link, you will be directed back to the DFA passport online appointment website. Input your Appointment Code that is included in the email message and the email address you used and verify again that you are not a robot.

You can now view your Appointment Details.

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6.. You can now Download your DFA Passport Application form. Please be reminded that:

  • To be able to print the passport application form, you need to have an Adobe Reader installed.
  • Also, you must print the form in an A4 size bond paper.
  • You must print all 3 pages.
  • Don’t sign it yet.
  • You must sign your application form on site when asked by the DFA officer.

passport application (18)

passport application (18)

passport application (18)

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One thought on “DFA Passport Application Online, Requirements and Reminders | 2016

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to ask, is DFA cebu also required applicants to have an online appointment first? I was browsing the net and saw a note that online appointment is only offered to DFA manila and satellite offices within metro manila. Is this true? Please advise maybe you know as I am planning to renew my passport and I am in Cebu. I need to know if I am required to make an online appointment first.

    I hope you can advise. thanks