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DFA Passport Application Online, Requirements and Reminders | 2016


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DFA Passport Application




  • You are now done with the passport application online.
  • You now have to prepare your complete passport application requirements before proceeding to your selected DFA site.


Did you know?

To be able to process your passport application faster, the Department of Foreign Affairs has a courtesy lane. Learn more from here: TIPS | Faster DFA Passport Application

Click here to  proceed to Step 3: Personal Appearance or Attending your passport appointment.



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One thought on “DFA Passport Application Online, Requirements and Reminders | 2016

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to ask, is DFA cebu also required applicants to have an online appointment first? I was browsing the net and saw a note that online appointment is only offered to DFA manila and satellite offices within metro manila. Is this true? Please advise maybe you know as I am planning to renew my passport and I am in Cebu. I need to know if I am required to make an online appointment first.

    I hope you can advise. thanks