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How to process PRC online application for Board Examinations?

9. After successfully uploading your photo, Click the SELECT TRANSACTION button.
A window will pop-up then Click the EXAMINATION button.
Fill out and select the necessary information using drop down menu for the following:

  • Name of PRC Examination
  • Examination Type
  • Date of Examination
  • Place of Examination

Then Click PROCEED.
PRC online application (2)

.10 Select the PRC office where you want the transaction to be processed.
Select your desired appointment date from the colored boxes.
Then choose your preferred payment option.
(There will be a P50 service fee for any payment option you select).PRC online application (2)


11. You can now pay your PRC licensure examination fees using their available payment options.The Philippine government have partnered with a number of financial institutions as their third party governement payment centers. All the payment methods intended for government documents are all the same. This method could be used to pay your PRC licensure examination fees.


12.          See: Payment Options for Government Documents Guide

It’s very important to take note of the TRANSACTION REFERENCE NUMBER.
             This will be the key in any of your payments.



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