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Payment Methods for Government Documents


  • Just to show that different banks and different payment options provide different transaction numbers, see the following images.


SourceBPI BDOEastwestUnionBank

Step 2. Payment

  • See the reference number? For these examples:  Ref# MG8AQL82.
  • It is the same with the one reflected in your online account, ( at the NBI website)
  • Just follow the instructions that Dragonpay emailed you. An example is shown below.
  • You can now proceed to pay your document fees.
  • If you chose payment Over the Counter / bank deposit:
    • Go to your selected bank branch.
    • Fill-up a regular deposit slip.
    • use the details provided in the Dragonpay’s payment instructions.
    • Pay the exact amount to the teller.
    • You will receive the deposit receipt.
    • This receipt contains the important information when you confirm your payment in the government website i.e. NBI website.
      • Date and time of the deposit
      • Bank branch code
      • Amount paid
      • See example below.Deposit Slip
      • If you paid via online banking, save the bank’s payment confirmation email. It will also contain the information needed as the example above.
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