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Payment Methods for Government Documents


Step 3. Payment Transaction Confirmation

  • Go back online and go to the government website,
    i.e. NBI website https://www.nbi-clearance.com/
  • Log-in with your Email address and Password.
  • On your screen, look for a button or link such as Transactions / Payment Details / Transaction Confirmation.
  • It may take some time for the NBI website to reflect your payment even if you are already paid.
  • Manually Confirm your Payment
    • For example, in the NBI website, Press on Confirm Payment.
    • A form will pop-up.
    • Using your deposit receipt or online banking payment confirmation email details, carefully fill-in the details that can be found in these receipts.
    • Then press Confirm.

nbi clearance payment

Confirm payment

Application Form Printing

  • You can now Print your fully validated and paid Application Form with your Reference Number / Code.. I.e. NBI Clearance Application form.
  • Depending on your application instructions, you have to bring your printed Application Form to your selected government office for personal appearance and to finish your remaining application steps.


That’s it! You have successfully paid using the new payment methods for government documents.


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