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How to survive in a Call Center Company?   

            I am an education graduate. It never crossed my mind that soon I’ll be working in a call center company. As far as I know, I was just at the mall, buying something for my Mom when a BPO recruitment officer approached me to try for an interview. It wasn’t planned but after going through all the application requirements and exams, luckily I got hired.


            After graduation, everything was planned for me. I’ll be applying for a teaching position in a private school for experience while at the same time I’ll be reviewing for the licensure examination for teachers. Then after a year, I’ll apply for a teaching position in public school for more stability. But then, the call center job opportunity came along.


            Being an evening person is not who I am. I sleep early at night and I wake up early in the morning. But with the job that I got into, I need to be awake all night. So, how did I survive in a call center company?


            To survive in your job, they say, is you need to be competent, goal-oriented, to love your work and be adaptive to work environment. But how will you survive if your main adversary is “antok” or sleepiness? How will I satisfy what’s expected of me, make my worth and be a contributor for the success of the company?


            I stay focused in my job, I met my deadlines and made sure I won’t have to do overtime work. I followed orders well, established good relationship with my colleagues and made sure that I’ll be enjoying each task assigned to us. So much cliché for that but I survived that way for four years.


            The reality. Because of continued sleepless nights, change of lifestyle and new body clock, my whole system suffered. My cycle changed, I gained some weight and my bowels became irregular. Almost everyday I can’t sleep after my shift. And if ever I sleep, I wake up suffering from headache. Sometimes at the middle of work I fall asleep. I could have been sent for disciplinary action because of that. It didn’t happen because of my colleague woke me. I got lucky that time and I made sure it won’t happen again.

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