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How to Get TIN Number Online (BIR Tax Identification Number)

In this article, we will guide you on How to get TIN Number online. The Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR now offers an online facility to register and get TIN Number online. This BIR ’s online facility called eREGISTRATION or eREG is an online TIN number application system providing taxpayer registration services conveniently. These services include issuance of TIN, issuance of Certification of Registration and payment process for registration.

This online application caters to Self-employed individuals such as Single Proprietors and Professionals, and Mixed Income Earners.

Requirements to get TIN Number online:

  1. A valid email address.
  2. Registration fee amount is P500 which is to be paid via BIR Accredited payment facilities to get your TIN card and Certificate of Registration


  • Getting your TIN number is FREE ( just for the TIN number which is and should be unique for everyone. One TIN number per individual.
  • Having multiple or getting more than one TIN number is not allowed by law and individuals who are having multiple TIN numbers will be subjected for investigation.
  • The P500 FEE is for the completion of your TIN number registration / BIR registration.
  • This guide is focused on getting your unique TIN number online. Just for the TIN Number.

How to Get TIN Number Online using eReg.

  1. First, go to the BIR ‘s official TIN Number application website at https://ereg.bir.gov.ph/ereg/welcome.do and fill up the basic taxpayer information form for initial registration process then click the SUBMIT button.
    get tin number online 1
  2. After you click the submit button, you will be directed to the next page of the initial registration. Answer the questions in order to determine which taxpayer type you belong to then click Submit. A confirmation link will be sent via e-mail.
    get tin number online 2
    get tin number online
  3. Open your e-mail account then look for the BIR Email Confirmation message. Click the provided link to continue with the registration process.
    get tin number online 4
  4. Once you click the link, you will be directed to the eREG Terms of service agreement page. Read the terms carefully then Click the Agree button to continue.
    get tin number online 5
  5. A new page will appear. Fill up the necessary information on the application form such as taxpayer’s address, phone number, business phone number, business detail, and residence and business zip code. Once you’re done, click Next
    get tin number online 5a
  6. On the next page of the registration, it says you are automatically registered with tax type and no need to fill up with this page. Just click next to proceed.
    get tin number online
    get tin number online 7
  7. At this part, you may now enter your dependents’ information under additional exemptions. Once you’re done filling the details, just click next.
    get tin number online 7
  8. Fill up your SSS Number, GSIS Number, or PRC Number if you have any, but not required. Then, click next.
    get tin number online 8
  9. You are now at the confirmation page. Review the summary of your provided information, if you have no further corrections, just click the Confirm button then you’re done with the online registration process. An e-mail confirmation will be sent via e-mail including your newly generated TIN Number.
    get tin number online 9
    get tin number online 9a
    get tin number online 9b
  10. Congratulations! This ends the guide on how to get TIN number online. You are now officially registered to the BIR database. You may now proceed to your respective RDO branch to pay the registration fee and to secure your TIN card and Certificate of Registration.
    get tin number online 10

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