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NBI Clearance Online – Detailed Application Process

UPDATED: December 2, 2017. We will guide you in detail on how to apply for NBI Clearance online, NBI Clearance payment procedures, as well as the on-site processing. This new NBI Clearance online method aims for the application process to be more efficient with lesser processing time for the advantages of:

  1. Applicants could fill-out anytime, anywhere the NBI Clearance onlineapplication form via the NBI official website at https://www.nbi-clearance.com/
  2. Biometrics and Photo-taking parts of NBI Clearance application could be scheduled at a later date
  3. Payments could be made at any third party NBI authorized collection centers.


But, with these advantages and such, there are some problems reported to us that leaves our fellow applicants in great confusion as they go through their NBI Clearance online processing:

  1. There are no clear payment instruction if the applicant wants to pay via the NBI Cashier,
  2. There are instances wherein applicants are having trouble in relogging-in to their NBI Clearance online account after they have already paid their fees.
  3. The appointment system is not strictly followed since there were reports that there are applicants paying at the NBI Cashiers that are not scheduled for the day.
  4. The NBI system experiences technical difficulties that lead to delayed releasing of batches of NBI Clearances.


Almost everyday,we receive messages regarding these issues and we try our best to help our fellowmen in resolving their problems. We have released a full article guide for the  NBI Clearance Online Payment Options and you can view it here: “Detailed Guide | NBI Clearance Payment Options

Who can use this guide?

STEPS: How to Apply for NBI Clearance 

  • Step 1: Apply for NBI Clearance Online, Appointment Setting

  • Step 2: NBI Clearance Payment

  • Step 3: NBI Clearance Online Transaction Confirmation

  • Step 4: NBI Clearance Claiming


Step 1: Apply for NBI Clearance Online, Appointment Setting

  • What you need:
    • A computer unit with internet connection.
    • For New NBI Clearance Online Applicants: you need an Email Address.
    • For example, FirstNameMISurname@gmail.com
    • If you don’t have yet, sign up here for free:
      Gmail , Yahoo Mail
    • Account Password.
    • If you have done the NBI Clearance online application before,
    • Visit Here for our NBI Clearance RENEWAL GUIDE.
    • Reference Code/Number needed in making the payment.
    • This will be provided later during your NBI Clearance online application.
      Write it down.
    • Online processing time: at most 30 minutes.


1. Go to https://www.nbi-clearance.com/ – where you’ll find the official NBI Clearance online Sign-up page .

  • Please read the announcement then just click CLOSE.

nbi clearance online 1

2. At the right side of the screen, FILL-UP the Registration Form. Do you have your old NBI Clearance?

  • If so, choose YES then look for your OLD NBI ID Number as below.

nbi clearance online 3

  • nbi clearance online 2
  • Otherwise, choose NO then proceed filling up the Registration Form. You can also choose NO even if you have processed for an NBI clearance last year 2014-2016 but you can’t find or doesn’t have a copy anymore.
    • NOTE: For future NBI Clearance renewal, make sure to photocopy your new NBI clearance for future reference.
  • So, let’s REGISTER A NEW ACCOOUNT . Applicants who have their old NBI clearance may proceed to the next steps. This would be more familiar to you by now.
  • Carefully FILL-OUT the NBI Clearance online sign-up form. Please remember your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD used since you’ll be using it again later and when you renew your NBI Clearance.

nbi clearance application 5

  • After the form is completely filled-out, Click I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE. The Terms of Service will be shown. You may read the terms if you have more time. Else, just click on AGREE. 

nbi clearance online 6

  • After agreeing to the terms, you will be brought back to the NBI Clearance online registration form. Double-check that your details are completely and accurately filled-out.
  • Click SIGN-UP. A window will appear and you must confirm that all the details are correct by clicking YES.  You will not be allowed to revise this information after confirmation.See sequence below.


nbi clearance online 7

nbi clearance application 8

  • You are now REGISTERED.
  • You will be brought back to the homepage.

3. You can now Sign-in to the NBI database through your registered account.

  1. Remember your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD?  Input them in the space provided then hit SIGN-IN.

nbi clearance application 9

  •  After Signing-in, you will be required to FILL-UP your remaining information. Remember to SAVE INFORMATION when you are finished. Your complete information will be shown.   

nbi clearance application 10

nbi clearance online 12

  • You may “EDIT” your NBI Clearance Online Application form if you find an error by pressing the “Edit Information” button.
  • If you’re 100% sure that everything is Correct, press the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button to proceed to the next step.

4. A window will pop-up that would ask you what Type of ID you will be presenting. Make sure this is the one you’ll bring to the NBI Office for verification purposes.

nbi clearance application 13

  • Press I Agree to proceed.
  • Important Reminders will be shown both in English and Tagalog. Read it. Then press I Agree. See sequence below.

nbi clearance application 16nbi clearance online 14

See Here the list of the valid ID’s accepted for NBI Clearance.



  • When, What time and the NBI Center to continue the personal or actual processing of NBI Clearance
  • Select your Purpose and Purpose Detail of your application.
  • Choose your preferred Payment Center / Option.

How to pay NBI Clearance 4

  • Standard COST of the New Multi-purpose NBI Clearance is PHP 115.00  
      • Additional service charge will be added when you pay with the payment centers.

6. To complete the transaction please CHOOSE YOUR NBI CLEARANCE PAYMENT OPTION

nbi clearance application 17


  • Once you have completed your selection, a Payment Confirmation will appear. Read this and then PROCEED.

nbi clearance application 19

  • Your PAYMENT CONFIRMATION will now appear as a summary of your appointment schedule.

NBI Clearance Payment 5

  • You can now PROCEED TO PAYMENT where your browser will automatically direct you to the payment page that will show your Reference Number once you selected your MODE OF PAYMENT.

nbi clearance application 21

  • Now you have your  REFERENCE NUMBERyou can only pay if you have it. Write it down or save it. 
  • Notice the adjusted cost?
    • NBI Clearance: PHP 115.00  
    • Service Charge: PHP 25.00
    • Bank Service Charge (BPI): PHP 50.00

How to pay NBI Clearance 6

NBI Clearance Payment 7

  • You can also go back to where you left before to visit the TRANSACTION PAGE. You can do this by closing the Thank you pop-up. See sequence below

How to pay NBI Clearance 8


Step 2: Payment

To guide you in detail on How to Pay your NBI Clearance
“See Here…


NBI Clearance Payment Options and Service Fees:

  • NBI Clearance: PHP 115.00  
  • Service Charge: PHP 25.00
  • Bank Service Fee: Varies with banks
    • Total: PHP 140.00 + Bank Service Fee.


  • Banks (Over the Counter) Service Fees
    • BDO Cash Deposit with Ref#: PHP 25.00
    • BPI Bills Payment: PHP 50.00,
    • Metrobank Cash / Check Payment: FREE / PHP0.00
    • Robinsons Bank Cash Payment: FREE / PHP0.00
    • Union Bank Cash Payment: FREE / PHP0.00
  • Banks (Online) Service Fees
    • Dragonpay Credits: FREE
    • BDO Internet Banking: FREE
    • BPI Expressonline / Mobile (Fund Transfer): PHP 0.92
    • BPI Expressonline Bill Payment: PHP 5.00
    • Metrobankdirect: FREE
    • RCBC Online Banking:  PHP 5.00
    • Unionbank Internet Banking: FREE
    • UCPB Connect: FREE
  • Mobile (Payment through GCASH)
    • GCASH is currently having system maintenance. Choose other payment options.  (Dec.12, 2017)
  • Bayad Centers
    • PAY at any Bayad Center outlets or at their partners like LBC, Robinsons. A service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance.
  • MultiPay:
  • ECPay
  • 7-Eleven



Step 3: Online Transaction Confirmation

  • Once you have PAID your NBI Clearance, you need the information in your Payment / Deposit Receipt.
  • OPEN  the NBI Clearance online application website
  • SIGN-IN to your account using your registered email address and password.
    Once logged-in, GO  to Transactions
    This will show your recent NBI Clearance online Transaction and its status.
  • Press the “CONFIRM PAYMENT” link.

nbi clearance application 9


  • The Confirm Payment Link will Open a new window.



  • Fill-out the necessary details on your deposit / payment receipt such as:
     Branch code,
    – Date and time
    – Amount that you deposited.
  • Press “Confirm”.


Step 4: Claiming

  1. After payment confirmation, you can now Print  your NBI Clearance online Application Form with your Reference Code.
  2.  On your Scheduled Appointment date:
  • Bring Two (2) Valid Identification Cards especially the ID Type you encoded online as what you’ll be presenting.
      See here the list of valid ID’s.
  • Bring the Printed NBI Clearance online Application Form to your pre-selected NBI Center for Photo Capture and Fingerprinting
  • Make sure that the Reference Code is included in your printout.
  1. At the NBI Center, ask the NBI Personnel that you are anNBI Clearance online Applicant for different instructions.
  • Have your Picture taken then the Biometrics
  • Go to the printing area of NBI Center for the  NBI Clearance printout.


Congratulations!  You’re done!

Share with us your application experiences.

If you have questions, please let us know in your comments. Thank you!


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  1. Hi, when you log into your account, on the upper left-hand of your screen, you will see “Transaction” button. C1ick that then you will be directed to your transactions page where you should see the “Confirm Payment” green button under the “Actions” Header. That is, if you have completely accomplished the payment process. See here for more info. http://www.aplikante.info/nbi-clearance-payment/

  2. I’m trying online application for nbi clearance the problem is I don’t have middle name. The reason is I was born with a father but they broke up so they registered me without a middle name. at the beginning I don’t have middle name even on my birth certificate. what can should I do since I wanted to make things faster rather than takin another 4 steps longer than the online registration?

  3. Pabago-bago ng process. Hassle tsk. Isa lang ang email address ko, nagamit ko na rin last year(2015) sa pagkuha ng nbi clearance. Kukuha sana ako ulit ako ngayon. Pero kapag nagfifill up ako maski “new” or “renew” kapag dumadating ako sa pagfillup ng email, eh nagamit na daw yung email ko. Kailangan ba tuwing kukuha o magpaparenew bago ang email address mo?!?

  4. bakit hindi po ako makakuha ng reference number for renewal? nakailang beses na din po akong nag signed up pero hindi po nag poproceed sa second step which is pag fill up ng form to proceed in getting the reference number. ano pong gagawin ko? thank you po.

  5. good am, tanong ko lang po. hindi ko po kasi maverify yung account ko sa NBI, hindi po ako makapag renew kasi puro sign up lang po ako. naka ilang account na po ako then di naman nag puproceed sa 2 step which is to fill up ng form for renew at makakuha ng reference number para sa payment. puro “your email is already taken” po ang lumalabas.

  6. Hi Goodmorning.. Just wanted to ask paano po kung di po ako nakarating sa scheduled appointment ko? (which is January 6, 2016) Pero ang nakalagay po dun sa payment ko sa bayad center is valid until/deadline is on January 20,2016 pa po? Makukuha ko pa po ba clearance ko? or valid pa din po kaya yun?

  7. Done using my 7 all emails, still once i go to verification “invalid email and address”, how can I go on sign up again and again. My emails are all used on it!
    Still I’m not yet registered!

  8. pwede po ba akong mag walk in lang Sa nbi selected site ko without the printed clearance?Hindi ko kasi nabayaran agad yung process fee ko.I have the reference #s.at duon na mismo magbayad?

  9. Hi! Thanks for this guide! Really useful. By the way, I would like to ask if I can claim my new NBI clearance with my previous NBI copy(personal copy but expired) paired with my PhilHealth id?

  10. Hi Ma’am, magrerenew po sana ako ng nbi ko online. Tanong ko po sana kung makukuha ko agad if mag online application ako, kasi noon pinabalik pa ako everytime na kukuha ako kasi may kapangalan daw. Pero dahil renewal di po ba dapat verified na yun? Sa Tarlac pa kasi ako kumukuha, from pampanga po ako. Hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Hi. asko ko lang, nagbayad ako Nov. 16, and appointment sched ko is Nov 17. but unfortunately stop daw ang operation kasi APEC sa LRT NORTHMALL BRANCH, pwede ko p ba mkuha clearance ko ?

  12. Hello Admin! Can I pickup my NBI clearance in another NBI center after I already paid for it online? I originally chose Mandaluyong but now I’m thinking of going to the Main Branch at UN Avenue instead.


  13. Ask ko lang po paano po kung hindi ako nakarating sa appointment scheduled then nakasulat po november 4 po dapat appointment ko woth nbi but it says valid until november 19?

  14. Ask ko lang po paano po kung hindi ako nakarating sa appointment scheduled then nakasulat po november 4 po dapat appointment ko woth nbi but it says valid until november 19

  15. Hi po good evening..I registered earlier today,but my account name was wrong,I’ve mistakenly registered my husband surname as my middle name!oh shame..is there no problem with it?but my application , that I can assure are all correct..can I edit my account name?thank you

  16. Hi po good evening..I register earlier today,but my account name is wrong,I’ve mistakenly registered my husband surname as my middle name!oh shame..is there no pblem with it?but my application , that I can assure are all correct..can I edit my account name?thank you

  17. hi i have old nbi 2008 pa sya gusto ko irenew kasi need ko sya para sa pag aayos ng bc/nso ko kaya lang wala ako valid id dahil nga sa bc/nso ko na wrong spelling at negative ang record ko sa nso paano po kaya ako makakaluha ng nbi kasi need ko na talaga ayusin para makakuha ako ng pssport

  18. good day sir/mam,please lease let me know how to retrieve my reference code for paying the clearance fee,because I lost the copy of the subject…thAnk you.

  19. hi. for release na po yung nbi clearance ko bukas, kaso nalaman ko na mali pla yung purpose detail na nalagay ko instead na for travel abroad dpat yung purpose detail , nalagay kopo immigration requirement, pwede pa po ba ako kumuha ulit ng bago para maitama ko po yung purpose detail??

  20. Hi,ask lang po nag apply ako ng nbi clearance sa robinson novaliches..may hit ako tapos ang sabi nila balik na lang after 1 week..nung bumalik ako ang sabi sa akin sa main ko daw kukunin ung nbi clearance ko..ganun na po ba talaga ngaun? Thanks

  21. Good Morning po. I also applied for NBI Clearance online recently and I have already paid it at LBC. After my payment the next day, I checked my Email and I received a confirmation which stated that I have successfully paid the amount. However, when I checked the NBI Clearance Online TRANSACTION PAGE, I can’t find the “Confirmation Payment” link. Only the “Payment Instruction” and “Cancel” links are shown. Now my problem is How Can I Confirm My Payment Online if there’s no Confirmation Payment Link shown on the page? Thus, I can’t also Print my NBI Clearance online Application Form yet because of this. Please help me. Thank You!

  22. Hi! ask ko lang, nakapagbayad at pass na ako ng form kahapon sa nbi kaso nagmamadali kasi ako kaya iniwan ko na muna, pwede ko pa ba ituloy yung application or magpapass po ulit form at bayad? thanks

  23. Good am ma’am/sir, ask ko lang kung pwede pa ba ako kumuha ng nbi clearance ulit kahit di pa expire yung dati kong nbi clearance. Kailangan kasi sa work, ang nasa akin na lang kasi yung personal copy. Thank you in advance.

  24. Hi Admin,
    Please help me. I’m currently working and living in Dubai for almost 2 years now. Kailangan ko po kasi yung NBI clearance ko for visa related purposes. I went to Philippine Consulate dito sa Dubai to get necessarry documents so my mother can process my NBI in my behalf. Meron po akong Special Power of Attorney at kinuha din po nila ang finger print ko manually using the blue form where all my details na din po. Pati na din yung passport copy ko. I followed all the necessary steps po. Ang sabi sa Consulate ipadala ko na po sa Philippines and my representative (which is my mom) can obtain the NBI for me. But the thing is when she went to the NBI office located in Cebu kasi taga doon po ako. They denied her and sabi nila ay sa Manila daw po dapat kunin ang NBI ko since I’m an OFW and if my mother want daw po they can process that application but they are asking for 3 thousand pesos from her which is a clear red tape. They even told my mom na it takes 10 working days pa daw before they can release my NBI if we push through with what they said. So admin nalilito na po ako kung paano ko po makukuha ang NBI ko. I have all my documents but it seems like they are of no used because of this corrupt officials wanting to milk money from OFW like me. Please help me po. Thank you and God bless po.

  25. HI ADMIN, Ask ko lang po nagpa new NBI po ako pero ung old nbi ko po 2016 pa expiration nito makukuha din po ba NBI ko khit po NEW apply hindi renewal? Din bukas releasing schedule ko please reply admin i need it for my aplying abroad Salamat 🙂

  26. natatype naman ung ñ sa name ko pero pagdating na sa issesave information ko na nagaapear sya na walang Ñ, ngging N sya. Pano po yun ? di ko maprocess tuloy ng maayos. eto ang name ko SHANÑA tapos ang lumalabas eto SHANNA :3 Thanks.

  27. Hi. I just want to ask in regards with my name. How can I able to sign up if it really need my middle name? I don’t have a middle name on my NSO so I really have a big problem with this one. Can someone enlighten me with this because I badly need to have my NBI but it turned out that I can’t continue signing up since I need to put my middle name. Thanks!

  28. Naprocess na po ung NBI Clearance ko but then when i went to the branch where i should pick it up on its scheduled date, they told me it isnt yet available so i asked them if its fine if i could just return some other day, they said yes. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to pick it up until today. Its almost 3 months already, though,can i still claim my nbi clearance? please please reply po…

  29. hi po, bat po sa robinson dasma kahit ng online registration k na kasabay mo parin sa number queing ang mga walk in? pwede po b mgclearance sa ibang location kahit ang preferred location ko is robinson dasma? ano po ang tamang service schedule ng rob dasma? ngclose n kc cla ng 5pm

  30. Hi po, I already made my online registration, but saan po makikita po ang field for NBI ID number for renewal online applicants?

    Your immediate response is highly appreciated.

    Thank you and God bless po.

  31. Ask q lng po kunwari nasampahan k ng kaso pero nsettle n Un the case has been withdraw..mawawala b record mo s nbi qng tapos n ung kaso nsettle n at nwithdraw n po.?mgaapear b n my kaso k p rin kung kumuha k ng nbi?need q sna reply ninyo asap..thanks po

  32. To NBI,
    may appointment po ako today sa nbi sept. 8 pero hindi po ako makakapunta kasi may emergency akong kailangan i settle, bayad na din ung application form ko sa bdo bank right after ko mag online registration, pwde ko paba un i process sa ibang araw?

  33. Good day I have a question: my previous nbi clearance is just 7 months only, meaning hindi pa expired and that clearance took me a week because I have a HIT. Now, i decided to renew it online kasi my agency need atleast 6 months validity, e 5months nalang valid nbi ko. Tanong ko po, since for RENEWAL lang ung nbi ko, makukuha ko ba agad nbi clearance ko despite of having a HIT???. Again, for RENEWAL lang ako, hindi pa expire ung old nbi ko, 5 months left pa.

  34. hi maam/sir.
    ask lang po ako..lang yrs po bgo mag.xpire ang nbi? pagnakakuha kana..tapos pwd po ba postal id lang tyaka..nso,or police clearance…iisa lang kc valid id ko..thanks and good bless

  35. Pwede po ba School id at nso birthcertificate sa pag apply ng nbi ,para sa pagkuha ng passport?kse 1mnth pa bago ko makuha yung postal id ko po…Salamat po need ko lang po sagot nyo please po;)

  36. guys help ,pano po gagwin pag d na ka attend sa appointment date,, pwede ba bukas? or may reschedule? pano ? samat sa sasagot, ngaun po kasi ko naka sched paid na po ako , salamat

  37. hi..ask ko lng po kung pewde po ba kumuha ulit ng bagong NBI sa UNeh my..kc po kumuha po aq knina sa robinson dasma ..eh my kpangalan po aq..sa 27 ko pa hu mkukuha,,eh need q na po kc..pag kmuha po ba aq sa UN ng bgo..mkakakuha kya po aq khit my kpangalan??

  38. Admin, ask ko lang pwede ko ba renew yon NBI husband ko . Nagwork siya sa abroad kailan nya recent NBI for residency. Ano po ba pwede ko gawin para maiayos po ito.Thank you.

  39. Hi! Ask ko lang po kung ano gagawin pag nawala po yung receipt of payment? do i need to repeat the process and pay it again? please reply because i need it this week. thank you so much!

  40. Asko ko lang po. Kung anong gagawin ko kasi hindi po ako makapag-log in dahil mali po yata yung password ko? Pag fini-forgoty password ko wala pong nangyayari. Wala rin naman po akong narereceive na e-mail.

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  44. Hi, can I change my preferred NBI site? Or can I just go to any NBI site and have my NBI Clearance processed? done with the payment and all. Thanks!!

  45. excellent put up, very informative. I ponder why
    the other specialists of this sector do not realize this.
    You should continue your writing. I’m confident, you
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  46. Good day po. Ask ko lang po dun sa instruction number 5. Select your NBI clearance online Application Type from the Drop Down Menu.
    “NEW” for New Applicants,
    “RENEW” for old account holders
    Dati na po akong nakakuha ng NBI. Magre renew lang po ako ngayon pero pano po kung nawala po ung OLD NBI clearance ko? RENEW pa din po ba ang pipiliin ko or NEW APPLICANT po ulit? Maraming salamat po. God bless.

  47. Hi! Nakapag-apply na po ako for NBI Clearance once last year, ask ko lang po kung ano po gagawin kung mali yung nailagay ko na Birth Place ng Father ko at kung lumipat po ako ng address? Pwede ko po bang ilagay na yung tama sa Online Application? Gusto ko po sana macorrect yun pero renewal po kasi. Thank you!

  48. gud am mam ask ko lng po bket po pag mag oonline kmi at open ko ung website ng nbi walang lumalabas n form,lalo n po pag paumaga n bandang 6am?hirap po makapag online last thursday (july 16 2015)pa po eh.,pki sagot nmn po taga calamba city laguna po ako.

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  51. Hello Admin, wala po akong valid id ngayun graduate po ako 2 years this March so yung Student ID ko 2nd sem/2014-2015 di na ba valid yun? Meron lang akong barangay Clearance, Birthcertificate,NSO,Previous NBI clearance na expired this May 2015.

  52. Hi I went to nbi rob galleria Kanina for my nbi clearance, Kaso di ko Nakuha nbi ko agad sabe after 8 working days daw. Wala namang hit na nakalagay SA receipt. Date Lang talaga

  53. Howdy! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew
    where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

  54. hello admin, ask ko lang kasi dapat nung june marelease yung nbi clearance ko but apparently hindi ko nakuha kasi hindi ako maleave sa work. ilang days ba ang grace period ng claiming ng nbi clearance?

  55. Hi admin I need your help please. Last night nag register po ako for NBI Clearance Online nakapagfill up na po ako ng form tapos nagloloko yung internet kagabi so i have decided to exit it without saving it. tapos for now I tried to open my account pero di na ako makapasok .please answer my problem thankyou po.

    1. Hi, you may try relogging after a few hours. mejo magulo kasi ang system and database ng NBI. We have received a lot of cases like yours and later, nakalog in na din sila.

  56. Hi Admin,
    Unfortunately, hindi po ako makakapunta on my preferred schedule tomorrow for photo capturing and biometrics, pwede po ba ako pumunta sa ibang araw? If yes what shall I do then? Thanks Po!

  57. Hi po admin.. Wala pong “confirm payment” link ang transactions page ko..2 days na po akong pabalik balik sa website kaso wala pong pagbabago. Please help po. Need ko na ung nbi clearance ko.thanks.

  58. Okey lang po ba na yung transaction receipt ng Bayad Center lang ang dalhin ko sa NBI wala po kase akong printer to print the application form,, since nakalagay naman don sa receipt yung reference number. Tomorrow po yung appointment date ko. Thanks sa sasagot 🙂

  59. Ask ko lang po, nakapag apply na ko for renewal online, then nabas ko po to. I just want to make sure it’s not gonna cause a problem. Dito po kasi sa guide nyo may step na pag renewal input yung old nbi number, pero wala po kasing lumabas sakin na ganun. Ok lang ba yun?

  60. hi! i secured a schedule for tomorrow (AM) and already paid the required fee through Metrobank direct payable to Dragonpay. it said that processing would take about 5 minutes. i’ve been checking my NBI online acct every now and then, logging out then in again, but status is still unpaid and it’s almost an hour now since the e-mail confirmation from Metrobank that payment was successful was received. can you tell what could be the glitch here? thanks a lot!

    1. Hi, you need to manually confirm your payment via your Transactions page in the NBI website. There, you could confirm your payment using the details from the deposit receipt you got from metrobank.:)

  61. Hi po! Pwde po ba na NSO BC at Brgy. Clearance ang ipresent pagkukuha ng NBI clearance kasi I don’t have those valid IDs listed above and also I’m a fresh grad so di na po valid ang School ID ko. Thank you po.

  62. Hi admin! Pwde po ba kung NSO BC at Brgy. Clearance lang ang i.present ko pagkukuha ng NBI clearance kasi I don’t have those valid IDs listed above and also I’m a fresh grad so hindi na po valid ang school ID ko. Please help.

  63. Hi. gusto ko lang malinawan, kasi nag pa sched ako ng appointment kanina. mayron bang update or binago sa site? kasi wala na po yung payment option na sa cashier or sa nbi na mismo, ang meron na lang ay ung bank, bank online, mobile or bayad center. then kailangan magbayad na nga muna before maprint ang application form. hindi na pwede na iconfirm and input na lang ung ref#.

    1. Hi Razz, if you want to pay at the NBI cashier, just select any of the 4 payment options and simulate the initial selection process with them. What you need to have lagkasi is a reference number that you could bring to the NBI cashier so you could process your payment. 🙂

  64. I already paid to accredited bayad center LBC and now i need to confirm my payment online but when i log in and click the transaction icon there’s no response and cannot open the transaction page. How can i confirm my payment my schedule for my NBI is on monday June 29, 2015 am. Hope to hear from you very soon.. thank you

  65. Pano pag kakakuha lang NBI Clearance tas nawala agad? Pwede ba agad iparelease ulit yun or bayad muna bago release or simula sa simula nanaman?

    Kahit sino pwede mag reply.

    1. Mag online register ka diba. Tas punta ka agad sa NBI Office. Bayad na lang yun tas checheck kung may hit ka. Pag may hit, 1 week balikan mo. Ok na yun

  66. hi. po tanong ko lang po kung paano ko papalitan ung sa purpose po ng pagkuha ko. kasi una ko na filled out local lang tapos papalitan ko po sana ng for abroad. ayaw na po mag open ng link para po makakuha ako ng reference no. for payment na bago. ano po kaya pwede ko gawin? salamat. please reply asap.

  67. I applied via online for my foreign husband, there was nothing mentioned that they can renew only in main office……….. Hope u can provide some guidelines for this as well……. Payment forfeited? …..etc…..

  68. Asking questions are actually fastidious thing if you are not understanding something
    totally, however this paragraph presents pleasant
    understanding even.

    1. Hi jam. Indicate Purpose-ABROAD, and depending on where you are going and its purpose, choose from the list. Put travel abroad if you are just processing for your passport just in case you plan to go abroad in the future.

  69. hello! last time ako nag nbi clearance is nung 1994 pa for abroad purpose. then ngayun mag abroad ulit ako, renew ba ito or new application na?
    also di ko na makita yung nbi clearance ko na luma.


  70. Hi! I just paid for my online application today. I thought it would take more than a day for the transaction to reflect on the online application, so I scheduled my appointment on June 18 instead of June 17. Can I proceed to the branch of my choice tomorrow (June 17), even though my appointment is still on the 18th?

  71. Hi! I just want clarify if your system doesn’t accept names with Ñ. You see, my surname has an Ñ and everytime I save this information on the online form, it changes to N. Is that okay? I’m a bit lost here. I hope you answer my querie. Thank you.

  72. Hello! Ask ko lang kung may grace period sa pagkuha ng nbi clearance? May hit kasi ako so dapat maclaim ko na siya kahapon, 06/15. Pwede ko pa rin ba siya makuha this week?

  73. Dear NBI Admin,

    Good Morning. I already sign-up and paid my transaction in LBC, this morning. And I am also schedule today, june 16 (Am). When I tried to log-in I cannot access the website, “Invalid Credentials” is appearing. I also tried to click the forgot password but there is no response. Please advise instructions, how to fix this problem. Thank you in advance for the help.

  74. To NBI,

    I am very hesitant about taking the e-payment. So I do not want to do online registration.

    Can i go to your office instead, for NBI clearance?

    Thanks and more power,

    1. Hi Berna, unfortunately, you really have to go with the Online registration method. Else, dun ka pa pipila sa NBI mismo para maka online. But, you can pay naman sa NBI mismo. Required lang talaga na online ang prcoess ng filling up ng forms.

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  77. Hi. Why cant i access my account? It says Invalid credentials even when im sure that i entered my right email and password? And even on the forget password, it says invalid credential when i entered my email. How can i print my application form? I already settled my payment. My appointment is on june 15, 2015 AM.

    1. Regarding my message earlier, I tried signing up again using the same email, and it worked. It lead to me the page where I’m supposed to enter information about me. How is that possible? I thought one email one applicant only? I know that if i continue on making another application it would have a different reference number so i stopped. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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  79. Dear Admin,I already paid for the payment, pero ng iopen ko na my personal page, , why still ” apply for clearance and EDIT but before ako magbayad nakikita ko ang status of my application is under transaction sa right side..and nakikita ko rin na still pending..Kindly please help . i need this for my nearly appointment.. thanks for your soonest reply

    1. Hi Marjorie, you will get your reference number once you have selected your preferred payment method. After that, check your Transaction page to check your Reference Code. You will also get this when you select the payment method.

  80. I would like to pay at nbi cashier but there is no option for nbi cashier on their website. There is only banks otc, banks online, mobile, and bayad center. Hindi na ba pwede sa nbi cashier?

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  82. hi admin, ask ko lng sana kung ano b maganda gawin, nawala ko kc ung resibo ko for claim. mag apply uli ng bago o inform ko ang nbi n nawala ung resibo ko for further instructions?…

  83. Hi. I keep on trying to register online since yesterday. I cant move on to the next procedure after clicking in “I Agree” button. It says “your email address has been taken”. What does that mean? Do I have to create a new email address just for this. Hoping for your prompt response on this. Thank you.

    1. It might mean that there is already an NBI Clearance online account registered under your e-mail address. Are you sure that this is your first time to create an account?

      If the problem still persists, you might want to create a new email add for this purpose.

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  85. itatanong ko lang po kung pwede pa mkuha ung nbi clearance ko kasi hindi po ako nkapunta sa schedule na pnili ko sa online application pero bayad na po yun

  86. Online applicant po ako. 06/04 yung pagclaim ko. Kaso yung paper na may stamp nung claim date nawala. Anu pung dapat gawin para maclaim ko yung nbi clearance ko?

  87. Online applicant po ako. 06/04 yung pagclaim ko. Kaso yung paper na may stamp nung laim date nawala. Anu pung dapat gawin para maclaim ko yung nbi clearance ko?

    1. Hi Andrea, usually, being hit is not just the reason for delayed releasing NBI clearance. There are times the NBI system is down that deleys the releasing. But best of luck for you. 🙂

  88. I transferred the fund alrady via BDO Online and was given a Paycode/Fund Transfer code. However, pag login ko uli sa NBI to Confirm Payment, Exprired na daw reference number ko. Walang confirm Payment link din.What to do with that po? sayang 140PHP kase I used that reference number to pay 🙁

  89. i already gone to NBI i have paid already.. the personnel said june 19 2015 to come back…. is it okay if i accidentally deleted my transaction with my reference number was gone?

  90. hi po..ask ko lang if pwede ako mag apply ng 2 nbi clearance, one for local employment and one for abroad, i gonna use the option for abroad for passport requirements..

    1. Hi Rox. You can log-on to your old account and then select the Renew option. But if you don’t have an online account yet, yes, you have to. 🙂

      1. Admin, hindi ako nakapunta sa scheduled date. Nakabayad na po ako. Pwedeng magappear dun anytime? Walang malinaw na instructions eh :3 Please help!

      2. just wondering on how will this work for us ( people who are working/living in abroad) i have read the we still have to register online – is this mandatory ? 2, and there is the scheduling part – do we still have to do this for our representative ?, 3. how long ( waiting period) for us to wait before the RENEW NBI Clearance to be release ?

  91. Hi, i’m planning to get an NBI clearance for employment purposes. I used to have one before but it was under my maiden name. Should I choose “New” application or “Renewal”? I’m going to be getting one under my married name already.

    1. Hi Val. We’re not yet familiar on how you could update your records, but there’s got to be a starting point so all of your documents will be synced. 🙂

  92. hello po . ahmm nali2to poh akoh sa payment .. kc nkalagay poh dun ” banks over the counter , banks online , mobile payment , at bayad center .. eh wala poh akoh nun ii anuh poh ba ga2win koh tnx poh

    1. Hi John, banks over the counter means pupunta ka sa bangko, tapos magdedeposit ka, same sa bayad center. Pero if you are confused, after getting the reference number, pwede ka naman magbayad sa NBI Cashier.

  93. Hello for local employment po yung purpose, sa NBI Sta.ROsa LAguna branch po .. Yun nga wla naman OR na binigay ang binigay lan is just a piece of paper with reference number w/ stamp na paid and date of release ng clearance, wla naman din po nakalagay if na hit ako. Pano po kaya toh

  94. Nag apply ako knna dun mga hapon n, nakapag biometrics n ko and picture pero sa june 10 p irerelease ung nbi ko, wla nman nkalagay kung na hit ako or what. Tapos 185 siningil nila wla resibo n bingay they only give me a piece of paper n nkasulat ung ref number tapos may stamp ng paid

    1. Hi Kristine, may i know what is your Purpose of application, and what’s the NBI branch? We can’t identify any purpose with the cost of P185 if paid at the NBI cashier. It’s just unusual since you should receive an Official Receipt with stamp Paid as well as the date of release of your NBI clearance.

  95. hi ask ko lang po kukuha ako sanan ng nbi clearnce kaso nga lang na HIT ako taz ung flight ko pa macau is june 4 2015 na . makaka habol pa ba ung nbi clearnce ko ? please comment po . tnx 🙂

    1. Hi Cyril, I hope you could read my reply now. Actually, you could follow-up your NBI Clearance status with them to make sure that you won’t have any problems. Before June 4, if you are just near the NBI branch, you may try to claim your NBI clearance. Being HIT don’t just mean you have similar name with other person, but usually just because the NBI system is down.

  96. Hi. can I still get my nbi clearance kahit na lumagpas na ako sa scheduled date ng pagkuha? I’ve read your previous comment na pwedeng pumunta kahit anong araw as long as bayad ka na? Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

    1. Hi Landel. There’s no problem if you can’t come to your date of appointment. A lot of applicants doesn’t follow the appointment system that results to long lines. Just make sure that you bring all the requirements.

  97. Hi po. Nationwide na po ba ang online registration? Nag try akong mag register online pero lahat ng Email address na nilalagay ko ay “taken” na daw. I’ve been using the email addresses for years and I haven’t registered yet. May solution po ba?

    1. Hi Gail, some applicants has the same issue like yours, very specific for this day. There seems to be a problem with the NBI database. We’ve checked with the NBI website for announcements but there is none regarding this problem. You may have to try again later if the problem still persists. We also tried to log-in, but we are able to sign-in. You may try the Forgot password link and then check your email inbox for your credentials.

  98. Hi. I just wanted to ask paano po masosolve yung sa email na ilalagay? I’ve tried a lot of emails na kaso laging nalabas ay “The E-mail Address has been taken”. Ano po ang pwedeng gawin? Please answer po? Thank you!

    1. Hi Arriannce, we assume you have registered an email address with gmail or yahoo / others right? Make sure that when you log-in to the NBI website, you use an email address that is already activated or you have completely registered. By that, NBI website will recognize it as unique and is not yet taken by anyone esle. 🙂

        1. Hi Edgar, there must have been issues with the NBI system. You may try again your Email address or the Forgot password link. And if the problem still persists, if you haven’t paid yet, you can try creating a new account. But this time, make sure you have memorized or written down your log-in details.:)

  99. Hi sir! Ask ko lang ok lang ba yun kase 2 accounts ung nagawa ko for nbi onlime pero different email address ,and yung isa lang naman nagamit ko para magpa appointment sa monday.wla bang mggng problem dun? I actually change the info dun sa isang email add

  100. hi sir, ask ko lng po kung pede ko pa ba makuha ang nbi ko o expired na po ba sya para marelease at kelangan ko na po ba magrenew?… release date nya po kasi ay feb.16, nakalimutan ko na po kasi makuha dahil umatend po ako ng training out of town. kauwi ko lng po last week… sana po masagot noy po ako, thanks!

    1. Hi william, we believe your NBI clearanee is still claimable. Ipiprint na lang sya. just make sure you still have your receipt and the reference number and a valid ID as well. 🙂

  101. Hello, Just a question. How an I change my Appointment. Everything is paid through online application and I have my appointment already, but I need to change if for some reason. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Mausi, yes, you could change your appointment. You could actually come to your preferred NBI branch even if its not your schedule. That’s the flaw of the NBI system that usually results to long lines.

      1. Oh Thanks a lot for that info. I have my appointment on the 16th of June, and I think I will show up earlier, like first week of that month. Thanks a lot again.

  102. sir.nagapply nko dti ng nbi clearance pero since 1 month po bago ko makuha.hndi ko na po kinuha kc natpos na ung purpose ng nbi clearance ko.hndi ko na kailangan tska malayo po kc bahay nmin sa office ng nbi.ngaun hndi ko po alam ang old nbi id number ko na required for renewal.pano po kaya un?

    1. Hi, Ross, you could Apply for New NBI clearance instead if you don’t have your previous NBI clearance number. Before the online application kasi, nung manual pa, parang laging New NBI applicants lahat ng nagpupunta sa NBI, so it’s okay.

    1. Hi, good afternoon from the Philippines Nors. Regarding your query, I’ve reviewed our articles and realized we haven’t included the NBI Clearance Application process for applicants abroad. We hope to come up with that guide to consolidate with our current guides. But, I’ve researched on the government websites abroad and you could actually process your clearance while abroad.
      Here’s the link from the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles. I believe it would be just the same process as in Italy. I hope this could answer your questions. Thank you and regards 🙂
      By the way, before you proceed on processing your NBI clearance, you could inquire at the Philippine Consulate in Italy for further assistance. 🙂

  103. Good day! I have registered this morning for my NBI clearance application. I chose May 27, 2015-AM for my schedule. Payment was done via LBC this afternoon. Then I was logging in at their website now to confirm my payment but I cannot log in. “Invalid Credentials” appear when I enter my email address and password. “Forgot Password” isn’t functioning also. What shall I do now? 🙁

    1. Hi Mariel, there are a lot of applicants coming to us with the same concern as yours. Kindly check your email inbox or spam folder for your credentials when you have clicked the Forgot Password link. Then try logging in again. 🙂

      1. Hi Admin!

        I clicked on the Forgot Password option multiple times last night and this morning. I didn’t receive anything in my e-mail. I checked all folders including the Spam folder. None. Any ideas on how to fix this? I need my NBI Clearance soon for work. 🙁

        Thanks so much!

        1. Hi Janel, there must have been issues with the NBI system. You may try again your Email address or the Forgot password link. And if the problem still persists, if you haven’t paid yet, you can try creating a new account. But this time, make sure you have memorized or written down your log-in details.:)

  104. Hi po! Nag-register po kasi ako online last Thursday. Ang sinelect ko po para sa appointment is sa Bulacan sa Malolos. Nakapagbayad narin po ko sa LBC. Eh nagkaproblema po sa Malolos nung sinelect kong appointment date at grabe sa pilahan. Valid parin po ba payment ko kahit sa Marilao ko nalang po ituloy? Thanks po 🙂

  105. Thank you very much for this article. I really appreciate your time and effort invested in making such articles to address to the dilemmas of our fellowmen. I will totally share this one.

  106. andaming mga nagtatanong dun sa isang website kung ano ano. parang walang nakakaalam. Buti na lang may nagrefer ng link na to. Sa wakas, natapos din ako. UMID at passport pa…sana meron na din DFA guide…wait ko…salamat…

    1. Actually, as far as I know, you need to renew lang. Pero, you dont have an email account and password and reference number before when you applied.
      So to better answer your question, much better if you fill up the forms again and then there are options afterwards between new and renew applicants. hope this helps.

  107. Jade, same case with me, but i heard from my friend na marami / mahaba pa din ang pila kapag sa branch mismo. but then, makakatipid ka ng worth P40 kung pipila ka sa halip na magbayad ka sa labas. yung reference code mo lang ang kailangan at di mo na klangan pumili ng method. nasa transaction page mo yung reference code mo.

    1. I agree with you Carren. mahaba ang pila pag sa branch mismo. Pero, based on my experience, I should have read this article. http://www.aplikante.info/nbi-clearance-complete-payment-guide/#comment-55.
      Pinakita nila dito yung differences ng babayaran between the different payment options. E BPI ang meron ako. From P115, naging P190 binayaran ko? sayang ang pera. That time, mahaba din yung ipinila ko sa BPI branch malapit sa office.
      ——– So to the people who are asking, NBI Cashier talaga., Kung pipila din lang naman kayo, yung andun na kayo mismo sa NBI Branch.sayang ang time. Pero kayo pa rin ang bahala.

  108. hi. i wonder if paano kung sa NBI mismo magbabayad? Do i need to proceed with the online / bank / bayad center? wala kasing ta / link para sa main office payment?