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Detailed Guide | Online NBI Clearance Renewal

          We have received a lot of question on how to renew their NBI Clearance online. Answers to that are incorporated on our Detailed Guide | NBI Clearance Online Application Process. Yet, some are still having trouble in renewing their NBI Clearance. So here, we have decided to include a separate guide to help our fellowmen.

But first, who can use this online NBI Clearance Renewal guide?

  • Those who have applied for NBI Clearance from years 2014, 2015 and 2016 ONLY.
  • Those who still have possession of their 2014 / 2015 / 2016 NBI Clearance even if its just a Photocopy.
  • Those who still have / remember their Log –in / Sign-in Account details for the NBI website. ( Email Address and Password)





What you need for NBI Clearance Renewal:

  • Your NBI ID No. – You can find this in your 2014 / 2015 / 2016 NBI Clearance, like the one below. NBi Cleanrances are valid for 1 year. So, the clearance below was applied in 2015, that’s why its validity is until 2016. Therefore, if your NBI Clearance’ validity is 2014, you applied that clearance on 2013. Therefore, you don’t fall on the above criterion. Thus, you need to get a NEW NBI clearance.

nbi clearance renewal process

  • Your Log-in account details ( Email Address and Password)
  • Reference Code/Number needed in making the payment
  • This will be shown and provided later during your NBI Clearance online application.
    Write it down.
  • Online processing time: at most 30 minutes


How to Renew your NBI Clearance

  • Step 1: Online Processing, Appointment Setting

  • Step 2: Payment

  • Step 3: Online Transaction Confirmation

  • Step 4: Claiming



Step 1: Online Processing, Appointment Setting

  1. Go to   https://www.nbi-clearance.com/– where you’ll find the official NBI Clearance online website and press Sign – up. You’ll be asked to choose your application type so choose Renew. It will then ask you your NBI Clearance ID No. See sequence below.


nbi clearance renewal process


  1. After pressing Renew, you will then be redirected to a few of your personal information. This are the ones you did input from your last application. You have the option to input a new Account Details and Password or you can use your old one. Remember to memorize or write these down.

nbi clearance renewal process


  1. After pressing on I Accept the terms, you will be shown the Terms of Service and you must press on Agree, which you’ll be brought back to the previous window and by then, you must now Sign-in.

nbi clearance renewal process

nbi clearance renewal process


  1. After pressing Sign-in, again, you’ll be brought back to the NBI home page. Now you have processed your Log-in Details. Now, you must not press on Sign-up. On the upper right, you will see Sign-in and press that. Input your Email Address and Password, then you’ll be shown to your complete personal information, as shown in the sequence below.

nbi-clearanbi clearance renewal processnce-application-online-1





  1. By now, you should be familiar with this stage since you have done this before. If there has been changes in your current personal information, you can edit them using the green EDIT Information button on the upper right hand of your screen and the Save Information after. If everything is still the same, you can now continue by pressing the Apply for Clearance Button.



  1. Since you have processed your NBI Clearance before, you may leave this area as is and press on I Agree. You must bring this ID upon claiming your NBI clearance. Important reminders will be flashed in both English and Tagalog. See sequence below.

nbi clearance renewal process

nbi clearance renewal processnbi clearance renewal process


  1. After hitting Close, you can now choose your appointment schedule. Take notice of an additional area. “ How would you like to get your NBI clearance?” Despite having the delivery option, you can only choose the PICKUP option. Now choose your NBI Office, Purpose, Purpose detail and then Payment option.



  1. After choosing your payment option, a reminder will popup, read them carefully then Proceed. You will then be shown with your Transaction Summary . Then Proceed to Payment.

nbi clearance renewal process



Step 2: Payment

  •  We have a separate article for the payment guide. See from the link below.
  • After following the steps in  that guide, Go back to this article to Complete steps 3 and 4.

To guide you in detail on How to Pay your NBI Clearance
“See Here…


NBI Clearance Payment Options:

  • Banks (Over the Counter
    • BDO, Metrobank, BPI, Landbank, RCBC, Chinabank, Eastwest Bank, Union Bank, Security Bank, PNB, DBP
      A service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance. The amount varies depending on the Bank where you are transacting.
  • Banks (Online)
    • Pay online using your online Banking app such as:
      BDO Internet Banking, BPI Express Online, Chinabank Online, Metrobank Direct, RCBC Access one, Unionbank EON/Internet Banking & UCPB Connect.
      A service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance. Amount varies depending on the Bank where you are transacting.
  • Mobile (Payment through GCASH)
    • Pay at any Globe Business Centers, Globelines Payment and Services Centers or any GCASH Outlets. A service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance as well.
  • Bayad Centers
    • PAY at any Bayad Center outlets or at their partners like LBC, Robinsons. A service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance.
  • Cashier at the NBI Clearance Branch – FREE of CHARGE



Step 3:  Online Transaction Confirmation

  • Once you have PAID your NBI Clearance, you need the information in your Payment / Deposit Receipt.
  • OPEN  the NBI Clearance online application website
    LOG IN to your account using your registered email address and password.
    Once logged-in, go  to Transactions
    This will show your recent NBI Clearance online Transaction and its status.
  • Press the “Confirm Payment” link.

nbi clearance renewal process

  • The Confirm Payment Link will Open a new window.

nbi clearance renewal process

  • Fill-out the necessary details on your deposit / payment receipt such as:
    – Branch code,
    – Date and time
    – Amount that you deposited.
  • Press “Confirm”.


Step 4: Claiming

  1. After payment confirmation, you can now Print  yourNBI Clearance online Application Form with your Reference Code.
  2. On your Scheduled Appointment date:
  • Bring Two (2) Valid Identification Cards especially the one you did input on the ID presented part.
      See here the list of valid ID’s.
  • Bring the Printed NBI Clearance online Application Form to your pre-selected NBI Center
  •  Make sure that the Reference Code is includein your printout.
  • If you don’t have a print out of the NBI Clearance Online Application form, just make sure that you copied the Registration Code and present it at the NBI center.
  1. At the NBI Center, ask the NBI Personnel that you are anNBI Clearance Renewal Applicant for different instructions.



Congratulations!  You’re done!

Share with us your application experiences.

If you have questions, please let us know in your comments. Thank you!


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  1. Hello po, paano mag rew ng NBI clearance kung nasa abroad po? My NBI expired last March 19, 2015, I have in my possesion a copy of my NBI, and I still know my e-mail and password I used the last time. I went through the online process, but didn’t see further option for other requirements (ex.: Authorization… ). Patulong po… salamat.

  2. Good eve po..ask ko lang po if pede po ipa claim na lang yung NBI CLEARANCE ko since renewal lang naman po ako and paid na po ako via online… July 26 po schedule ko, morning po..ng sched po ko this afternoon July 22.. Bigla po kasi tumayag yung inapplayan ko po and pinag start na po ng training this monday na po….eh nung tumawag po naka schedule at paid na rin po ako eh.. please let me know asap po.. ty..
    1,2,3 procedure done ko na po.. claiming po problema ko… possible po ba non-appearance n lang ako and ipa claim na lang po?

  3. Hello po. Magrerenew po ako, nagsa sign in po ako kaso po may dash po yung name ko lumalabas po “first name may contain letters and spaces”.. ayaw naman po mapalitan..papano po makakapagsign in pag ganun? salamat po.. Lovely-An

  4. boss bakit po ayaw pumasok sa email ko ung verification? pero dati nman po saglit lang.. may computershop po ksi ako kaya po marami na akong naonline,,, ngayun po ayaw na.. anu po kaya ang problema …pls response

    1. The email address that you have used may have been already tagged in the NBI database. Try using another email accout, very specific for only one applicant. Hope it helps. Or check your Spam / Junk folder in your email.