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Passport Appointment Requirements and Reminders | 2016

Now that you have a confirmed date and time, be sure to attend your passport appointment / personal appearance. There’s a huge demand for Philippine passports and every passport appointment slot is important. Also, the Department of Foreign Affairs has announced the possibility of getting an applicant suspended for a month from passport application if he / she did not attend his/her scheduled passport appointment. Therefore, don’t miss your appointment and  plan ahead.

Passport Appointment Requirements

  1. Confirmed Passport Appointment Date and Time
  2. Printed Passport Application Form, 3 pages, with Reference Number and clear barcode.
  3. Complete Passport Application Requirements, NSO Birth Certificate, ID’s etc.
    See here the Complete List of Passport Application Requirements
  4. A set of photocopies of all the passport application requirements
  5. Personal Appearance to your appointed / scheduled DFA branch.
  6. Passport Application Budget.
  • For Regular Processing: P950.00
  • For Express Processing: P1,200.00
  • Optional Delivery  : P150
    • These costs are all the same for:
      • First time / Renewal of passport applicants
      • Replacement of a lost expired passport / a lost valid passport

     7. Waiting Time after personal appearance of passport application:

  •       Regular Processing:  15 working days
  •       Express Processing:  7 working days


DFA Passport Appointment Process | Personal Appearance

  1. Prepare all your requirements before you go to your selected DFA Office.

Complete List of Passport Application Requirement

  1. Make sure that you arrive 30-minutes before your appointment time. If you are too early, you will only be entertained 30 minutes before your appointment.

Also, Never be late. DFA isstrict on their policies and you will not be entertained.

  1. Present your printed application form to the Appointment Counter.
  2. Get your queue number at the Information Counter
  3. Wait for Queue Number and window number to be shown in the screen in the Processing Area.
  4. After being processed, proceed to the Cashier’s area and pay the applicable passport processing fees
  5. After payment, proceed to the Encoding Section for data capturing.
    • Your photo capture
    • Personal details
    • Biometrics
  6. You can’t have your passport yet. You still need to wait from 7 – 15+ working days depending on delays. You may now choose your passport claiming options.
    1. Personally at the DFA consular office where it was applied at.
    2. Have it delivered by courier to your home .
  7. Pay your delivery fee of Php150 at the Delivery Counter.


Did you know?

To be able to process your passport application faster, the Department of Foreign Affairs has a courtesy lane. Learn more from here: TIPS | Faster DFA Passport Application


Congratulations!  You’re done!

Share with us your application experiences.

If you have questions, please let us know!

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