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Payment Methods for Government Documents

For other payment methods for government documents, our government partnered with financial institutions as their third party payment centers. These are BDO, BPI, Eastwest, Unionbank and Dragonpay. They are also partnered with Globe G cash and Bayad Centers.

Government agencies that use third party payment centers includes the National Bureau of Investigation for their NBI Clearance and the Professional Regulation Commission for their licensure examination application fees.

Convenience is the main purpose of having other payment methods for government documents. But it seems like it’s causing difficulties for some who has been accustomed to the usual payment transactions at cashiers.

In this guide, it is assumed that you are currently logged in your online account in a government website, lets say NBI website and is in the process of choosing your payment method.



Payment Methods for Government Documents

  • Banks – over the counter
  • Online banking – electronic banking
  • Mobile – through G-cash
  • Bayad Centers – like paying your utility bills.Payment Options
    • These payment methods are almost the same.
      The government uses the Dragonpay Corporation’s Online Payment System for payment processing.
      The only difference among these options is how payment is made.
      Payments are all deposited in the Dragonpay’s account.


How to Pay Government Documents Through Partner Payment Centers?

  1. Get a Transaction Reference Number
  2. Payment
  3. Payment Transaction Confirmation


Step 1. Get a Transaction Reference Number

  • It is a key in this payment processing guide.
  • How Do you get it?
    • It is generated and is assigned to you when you “Select” your preferred payment option online. For example, when you chose Online banking as your preferred payment method, you will be asked to choose a bank where you would like to process your payment.
      Let’s say you chose BPI online banking.
      Upon clicking a link such as “Proceed with payment” / “Select” etc., your transaction reference number will be generated, specific only for that bank or method.
    • As soon as you receive your transaction number, it will be automatically reflected in your online account, i.e.,  NBI online account.
    • You will use this transaction number when you continue the payment process.
    • It will be also emailed to you by Dragonpay as well as their complete payment instructions.
    • Read the instructions and carefully follow them.
    • You may view and save these instructions online.



  • Just to show that different banks and different payment options provide different transaction numbers, see the following images.


SourceBPI BDOEastwestUnionBank

Step 2. Payment

  • See the reference number? For these examples:  Ref# MG8AQL82.
  • It is the same with the one reflected in your online account, ( at the NBI website)
  • Just follow the instructions that Dragonpay emailed you. An example is shown below.
  • You can now proceed to pay your document fees.
  • If you chose payment Over the Counter / bank deposit:
    • Go to your selected bank branch.
    • Fill-up a regular deposit slip.
    • use the details provided in the Dragonpay’s payment instructions.
    • Pay the exact amount to the teller.
    • You will receive the deposit receipt.
    • This receipt contains the important information when you confirm your payment in the government website i.e. NBI website.
      • Date and time of the deposit
      • Bank branch code
      • Amount paid
      • See example below.Deposit Slip
      • If you paid via online banking, save the bank’s payment confirmation email. It will also contain the information needed as the example above.



Step 3. Payment Transaction Confirmation

  • Go back online and go to the government website,
    i.e. NBI website https://www.nbi-clearance.com/
  • Log-in with your Email address and Password.
  • On your screen, look for a button or link such as Transactions / Payment Details / Transaction Confirmation.
  • It may take some time for the NBI website to reflect your payment even if you are already paid.
  • Manually Confirm your Payment
    • For example, in the NBI website, Press on Confirm Payment.
    • A form will pop-up.
    • Using your deposit receipt or online banking payment confirmation email details, carefully fill-in the details that can be found in these receipts.
    • Then press Confirm.

nbi clearance payment

Confirm payment

Application Form Printing

  • You can now Print your fully validated and paid Application Form with your Reference Number / Code.. I.e. NBI Clearance Application form.
  • Depending on your application instructions, you have to bring your printed Application Form to your selected government office for personal appearance and to finish your remaining application steps.


That’s it! You have successfully paid using the new payment methods for government documents.


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