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Detailed Guide | Police Clearance Application

        I just finished with my Police Clearance application and I wanted to share my experience. I’ll be using my Police Clearance as a supporting document for my DFA passport application.


         It was morning of June 10, 2016 when I got my Police Clearance. And even before that, I also got my Barangay Clearance. (See Here for the Guide )
Same day,  just an hour in between. Two clearances, just like that!


        You know, Police Clearance Certificate,  Police Data Card as well as the Barangay Clearance are considered as  supporting documents for proof of identity and validation of personal information on  government ID’s that you present for any applications, legal and financial transaction.  I needed these two clearances to apply for my DFA Passport since I don’t have any other options. I needed to get my two supporting documents on the same day since it’s Friday and I don’t have more available time. I don’t have  time for the long lines of NBI Clearance and the long wait needed to have my Postal ID and Voter’s ID – which by the way has been 5 years since I applied and I don’t have my card yet.


     Before I started processing my clearances I Googled for the Police Clearance application requirements as a guide. I processed my Police clearance in Quezon City Hall at 11am and finished by 12nn. If I wasn’t taking any pictures, the whole process may have only taken at most 40 minutes.


         By the way, processing Police Clearance is very easy. In Quezon City Hall’s building for Police Clearance, stations for each process are labeled. There are also reminders posted on tarpaulins which helped  a lot.


What you need:

  1. A valid govenrnment ID with details of your current address
                       See here for List of Valid ID’s
  2. Photocopy of valid ID
  3. Black ballpen
  4. Police Clearance Application Form ( Will be provided to you upon start of application)
  5. Wet Wipes / Alcohol / Hand Sanitizer
  6. Police Clearance Fees

How much does Police Clearance Cost?


Police Clearance Application Process

Step 1:   Submission of Requirements + Application Form for 

Police Clearance

At Window 1 the personnel checked my documents and stapled them with the QCPD Police Clearance Application Form. I Filled them all before proceeding to Step 2. Made sure that all the details are Absolutely  Correct. No wrong spellings, etc.


Step 2:   Invoice for Police Clearance

At window two, I presented my filled up Police Clearance Application Form and upon checking by the personnel, he gave me an invoice of how much I will pay for the Police Clearance. It says P200 for passport requirement.


Step 3A:   Payment for Police Clearance Purpose a.k.a. City Hall Charges

It was Friday when I applied and there was a very short queue. I paid P200, then received an Official Receipt. There are two Cashiers to pay to so I went to the next Cashier. That’s weird. They should have combined the two payments together. Then I realized that the second payment is for the PCS Provider, a third-party company.


Step 3B:   Payment  for Police Clearance ID – PCS Provider Charges

Very short queue again, paid P150 for the PCS provider for the Police Clearance ID Card.  Was given another official receipt from a private company then went to step 4.


Step 4:   Fingerprinting for Police Clearance

This step will complete your application form. A personnel held / assisted my hand in doing so. Before continuing to step 5, there are reminders to make sure hands are clean (from ink). So I noticed the wet wipes that are being sold for P5. For a ply of wet wipe, this is quite expensive. That’s why its better to bring your own wet wipes / alcohol. Before going to Step 5, there are reminders around to photocopy the Official Receipt received from the first cashier. Photocopy costs P2 per page.



Step 5:   Biometrics for

Police Clearance

We were asked to fall in line in front of a closed door and entered in batches of 5. There are applicants still having their biometrics taken so I waited when a booth became available. My picture was taken, had my left and right thumbmarks scanned then had my signature recorded.

Step 6:   Encoding of information for Police Clearance

The personnel manually encoded my details in the Police Clearance Application Form and asked me to check if the details are correct as she types them. After checking that everything is correct, they asked me to proceed to the waiting area.

Step 7:   Releasing / Waiting of Police Clearance

Each process took only a few minutes while the releasing / waiting took much longer. After almost 15 minutes, my name was called and handed me my new Police Clearance Certificate and Police Clearance Data Card together with my two official receipts.

That’s it. After all, it’s a nice justification of character – NO DEROGATORY RECORDS.

I hope my experience and this guide will help you have an idea what to expect when you get your Police Clearance. Thank you aplikante.info for this chance to contribute to your site.

Please share. 🙂


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  1. Hi po!

    I just want to confirm na hindi po need ng Barangay clearance if I have two government IDs, one in which I have my current address written on it? Thank you. (tinatamad na po ako kumuha ng Brgy. clearance kasi, hehehe)