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RIASEC Test | What is your Personality Type?

I want to become a doctor when I grow up so I could help the sick. I want to become a pilot and fly in the skies. I want to be a policeman, to protect those who are harmed. I want to become a singer and conquer people’s hearts around the world.  I want to be a billionaire, so freaking bad.

          When we were young, we were influenced by what we see in the television, by what we hear on the radio or by what our parents “plan” or “dream” for us. But what do we really want to be. Proverbs tells us to know ourselves, find what are capable of, discover our talents and find fulfillment in what we are doing. But how do we know?

          There exists a commonly used test by educational institutions to determine career interests that points one to their career options. This test is based from the six different categories of occupations. The RIASEC – it is a representation of personality types described in a theory of occupations formulated by psychologist John L. Holland. Based on this test, the  category which yields the highest score defines one’s career tendency.

          Provided on the link below is one of the commonly used website for the RIASEC Test. Copy and use that link to test yourself and read below what your career inclination is based on the resulting “Letter” for you.



The RIASEC Meaning


R – Realistic (Doers)

  • You are described as stable, assertive, with physical strength and practical.
  • You like to work with your hands. You focus on things in the physical world and use your bodily skills.
  • You like to repair and work with tools, machines and you prefer outdoor works.
  • You prefer problems that are tangible rather than theoretical. You want practical solutions that can be acted out.


I – Investigative (Thinkers)

  • You are described as reserved, independent, analytical and logical
  • You tend to focus on ideas. You like to collect and analyze data and information of all kinds.
  • You are curious and tend to be creative and original.
  • You are task oriented and motivated by analyzing and researching.
  • You tend to prefer loosely structured situations with minimal rules or regulations and you prefer to think through rather than act out problems.


A – Artistic (Creators)

  • You are described as intuitive, creative, expressive and unconventional.
  • You tend to focus on self-expression through all kinds of mediums: materials, music and words, as well as systems and programs.
  • You are able to see possibilities in various settings and are not afraid to experiment with your ideas.
  • You like variety and tend to feel cramped in structured situations.
  • You deal with problems in intuitive, expressive, and independent ways and tend to be adverse to rules.


S – Social (Helpers)

  • You are described as humanistic, verbal, interpersonal and responsible.
  • You are concerned with people and their welfare.
  • You tend to have well developed communications skills and like to help, encourage, counsel, guide, train, or facilitate others.
  • You enjoy working with groups or individuals, using empathy and an ability to identify and solve problems.
  • Cooperation and consensus is very important to you.
  • You deal with problems through feelings but with flexible approach to problems.


E – Enterprising (Persuaders)

  • You are described as decision-maker persuasive, confident, demonstrate leadership and interest in power/status.
  • You work with and through people, providing leadership and delegating responsibilities for organizational and/or financial gain.
  • You are goal-oriented and want to see results.
  • You tend to function with a high degree of energy.
  • You prefer business settings, and often want social events to have a purpose beyond socializing.
  • You attack problems with leadership skills


C – Conventional (Organizers)

  • You are described as meticulous, efficient, concern for rules and regulation and is orderly.
  • You like to pay a lot of attention to detail and organization, and prefer to work with data, particularly in the numerical, statistical, and record-keeping realm.
  • You have a high sense of responsibility, follow the rules, and want to know precisely what is expected.
  • You prefer clearly defined, practical problems and to solve problems by applying rules.
  • You are also oriented to carrying out tasks initiated by others.


What was your result? Is it true about yourself? Share your experience. Join us in the forums. 🙂


Read more about the RIASEC Test.

  • http://www20.csueastbay.edu/academic/academic-support/aace/major-exploration/riasec-codes.html
  • http://personality-testing.info/tests/RIASEC.php

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